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Arta Tequila

100% Agave, Arenal, Jalisco

Arta Tequila is unapologetically rebellious, award-­‐winning tequila whose master distiller pushes the limits of distillation and aging to an art form. From birth to bottle, Arta creates handcrafted tequilas that are as unique as those who drink them. All of our tequilas are made using 100 percent, Blue Weber agave grown on our 250 year-­‐old, single-­‐family run estate in Arenal, Mexico in Jalisco.

Product Line:
Arta Silver™ - triple distilled
Arta Reposada™: Aged 11 months and double distilled
Arta Añejo™: Aged two years and double distilled
Arta Extra Añejo™: Limited reserve to be released late September 2014.

This Extra Añejo is meticulously aged for five years (three years in American white oak, then split between French cognac and Spanish sherry barrels for another two years, and ultimately reunited). This limited reserve vintage (only four batches, 1,000 bottles produced) has pushed tequila distillation and aging to an art form.

Arta Silver™ - Blanco
Arta Silver™ - Reposado
Arta Añejo™
Arta Extra Añejo™
Artá Tequila - Silver or Blanco
Artá Tequila - Reposado, aged 11 months
Artá Tequila - Añejo Artá Tequila - Extra Añejo
Not aged
Triple distilled
(rated 92 by Tequila.net)

Aged 11 months
and double distilled
(rated 91 by Tequila.net)
Aged two years
and double distilled
(rated 93 by Tequila.net)
Limited reserve. Aged five years. To be released
late September 2014

Founded: The company was founded in 2009 and was purchased in 2011 by Anthony Mayer.

Headquarters: Arta Tequila’s headquarters are in Denver, and all of our artisan tequilas are crafted in Jalisco, Mexico (tequila must be made in Jalisco; if it’s not, it’s not tequila).

Leadership Team:
• Anthony Mayer, Owner
• Randy Pierce, President
• Lisa Hives, Vice President Marketing
• Francisco Alfonso Gonzalez Gonzalez, Master Distiller

Ownership: Arta Tequila is a privately owned company.

Locations: Arta Tequila is available in the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia.

Mission: We create celebration through premium, artisan tequila for adults who value individuality. We give adults th ability to boldly celebrate their uniqueness and rebel in a refined way.

Brand: Arta Tequila was born out of the idea that a tequila company could be both steeped in tradition and rooted i rebellion. When we focus on distilling unique tequilas, you can focus on celebrating the art of life. This is the Arta spirit: unapologetically rebellious tequila that embraces traditions while creating new adventures. Arta Tequila is for the individual who is keenly aware of the rules, but is a master at creating a whole new game.

Arta Tequila
Distillery: Corporacion Ansan, S.A. de C.V. - NOM 1360 - DOT 126
Bugambilias 20, Col. Exhacienda de Abajo,
C.P. 46400. Tequila, Jalisco.

Website: www.ArtaTequila.com
Arta Tequila

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