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Mailing Addresses and Contact Information

Tequila Source and TequilaSource.com are divisions of Tyson Promotions, Inc.

We have received many inquiries about purchasing tequila. Please be advised that we do not sell tequila or any tequila related products. Please visit our where to buy tequila page for a list of companies that sell tequila and other spirits. Our offices do not know which tequila is available from the various stores listed.

United States Editorial Office
Joseph A. Tyson, President - Tyson Promotions, Inc.
7770 Regents Road #113-387, San Diego, CA 92122
Toll Free:
Toll Free: (800) 208-3924
Phone: (858) 569-0172 or (858) 452-8332
Fax: (858) 333-7000 
E-mail: tyson@tequilasource.com | E-mail:

Cabo Can Lucas, Mexico Office

Joseph A. Tyson, Publisher
Promociones Tyson, S. A. de C. V.
Apartado Postal No. 342, Flor de Pitaya,
Lote 30, Mza. 7, Fracc. Jacarandas,
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, CP 23410 Mexico
Phone: (624) 143-1346
Fax: (624) 143-2659
(From U. S. A. dial 011 52 first)
E-mail: tyson@tequilasource.com | E-mail: tyson@loscabosguide.com

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