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Mezcal Brands

Mezcal is another name for maguey plant. Also the generic name for all spirits distilled from the agave, as well as the name of a regional beverage, similar to tequila, but made mostly in the state Oaxaca.

Del Maguey - Single Village Mezcal. Del Maguey brings you a collection of fine, rare, unblended mezcals made by individual family producers in tiny remote villages scattered throughout the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Each Del Maguey Mezcal bears the name of the village where it is produced. http://www.mezcal.com/

Divino Joven Mezcal -

El SeƱorio Mezcal - Blanco, Aged, Extra-Aged, Agave Cream. http://www.elsenorio.com/

Monte Alban Mezcal - Distilled from the agave plant according to centuries-old tradition and technique. The authentic Mezcal with the worm in the bottle. A unique taste...and a strong appeal to today's trend-setting drinkers. Imported by Barton Brands. http://www.bartonbrands.com/montealbanmezcal.html

Gusano Rojo Mezcal - Gusano Rojo Mezcal is the #1 selling Mezcal in Mexico, complete with the Agave worm in the bottle. It is made from 100% Agave Mezcal Reposado and is produced in Oaxaca, Mexico. http://www.gusanorojo.com.mx/

Scorpion Mezcal - an award-winning family of 100% Agave distilled spirits, made in Oaxaca, the official and traditional home of mezcal making in Mexico. All varieties of Scorpion Mezcal come with a real scorpion in the bottle. Furthermore, these world-class sipping masterpieces are available in 6 types according to age.

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Mezcal Brands