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El Tesoro Tequila - Video

called “The Handmade Process” - Arandas, Jalisco

El Tesoro Tequila has just recently launched a new video series on it’s website. It’s called “The Handmade Process” and it is hosted by Carlos, the master distiller for El Tesoro.

From start to finish, El Tesoro de Don Felipe® tequilas are still made by hand—a process that may take longer, but one we believe is worth the wait.

The Handmade Process

The story of our tequila isn’t just about premium taste and quality; it’s about people. Our family has over 200 years of tequila experience, and we are still devoted to upholding the tradition of creating a product based on quality, not quantity.

We use the same process that Don Felipe Camarena used when he introduced El Tesoro 70 years ago. It’s nurtured by generations of people who have dedicated themselves to making this unique spirit by hand, every step of the way.
We are proud of our heritage, and the hands that make El Tesoro — The Handmade Tequila.The video series takes you through the full process from harvesting to bottling. You can check out the video series by going to http://www.eltesorotequila.com/heritage/process/handmade

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