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When is a Tequila no Longer a Tequila?

William M. Dowd Reports And Comments On Distilled Beverages.

I've been posing that question to various people in the tequila field for the past year as more and more tequila makers introduce aged spirits that have been matured in anything from used bourbon barrels to cognac casks to wine barrels. The latest discussion was with Carlos Camarena, third-generation head of Tequila Tapatia which manufactures the El Tesoro line.

So far, the preponderance of opinion has been that we're seeing something that, while called tequila, really isn't since tequila is almost by definition a young spirit with the nose and palate punch of youth. When you see people sampling a tequila in a brandy snifter instead of a traditional 2-ounce caballito (left), you know they aren't regarding it as run-of-the-mill tequila, be it 100% blue agave or mixto.

I asked Camarena if he agreed with the idea that extra-aged añejos are becoming a new spirit until themselves.

"To some extent, yes," he said during a celebratory dinner at his Arandas, Jalisco, facility marking its 70th anniversary.
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William M. Dowd Reports And Comments On Distilled Beverages.


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