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Tequila Reference Books and Magazines - Sources

Several of the books about tequila listed here were found in bookstores in Mexico. Search Barnes and Noble - BN.com and Amazon.com - they have several of the books I have shown here. Some of the Spanish language books are available from US suppliers such as www.mexgrocer.com and others. A search on eBay also shows a good selection of books about Tequila.
book - tequila - the spirit pf mexico - 2004 edition
guide to tequila, mexcal, pulque by virginia bottorff de barrios
Guide to Tequila, Mezcal and Pulque

by Virginia Bottorff de Barrios

Publication Date: October 1971
ISBN: 0912434120
ISBN-13: 9780912434124
Format: Paperback, 64 printed pages
Publisher: Minutiae Mexicana (1971)
Description: Stiff glossy pictorial wraps with stapled spine, 64 pages; softcover; b/w illustrations and b/w photographic illustrations.
Languages: English

agaves of continentla north america - howard scott gentry
Agaves of Continental North America

by Howard Scott Gentry

Publication Date: December 2003
ISBN: 0816523959
ISBN-13: 9780816523955
Format: Paperback, 670 printed pages
Publisher: University of Arizona Press

From the Publisher
Reprinted by popular demand, this is an indispensable guide to agaves.
"Based on twenty-five years of research on the genus Agave, this book combines an authoritative taxonomic treatment and extensive ethnobotanical information with an attractive, readable text. . . . Gentry has gathered together enough material on agave taxonomy, distribution, ethnobotany and cultivation to make two or three books and presented it in an informative and engaging fashion."--Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science

"A total of 136 species (197 taxa) are carefully described [with] detailed notes on their native habitat and economic usages, all of which is presented in a most readable manner. It is a book to browse through and enjoy." --Journal of Arid Environments

"Professional taxonomists will need the book for the 23 new taxa and 13 changes in taxonomic status that are described. Field biologists can rejoice in the regional keys and easily discernible key characters."--Quarterly Review of Biology

Widely recognized as the world's leading authority on agaves, Howard Scott Gentry was an agricultural explorer for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and was also affiliated with the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.

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