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Single Barrel Spirits, LLC

Houston, Texas, USA

Single Barrel Spirits is a well established importer, distributor and wholesaler of exclusive high end Tequila, Spirits and Beers.

We pride ourselves in establishing a direct relationship with the distillery to bring to market nothing but the upmost quality in the products we select.

This unique relationship, along with offices in Miami Los Angeles and Houston, positions Single Barrel Spirits as the fastest growing distributor in North America.

Importer of the tequila brands, Acumbaro, Canicas, Solorzano, Poncho Villa, and Copita.

Single Barrel Spirits LLC
114 West Drew, Suite 3
Houston, TX 77006
Tel 713 528 5555 | Fax 713 528 5557

Joe Gonzalez - Email: joe.gonzalez@singlebarrelspirits.com
Alfonso Solorzano - Email: alfonso@singlebarrelspirits.com
Website: http://www.singlebarrelspirits.com/

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Single Barrel Spirits - Houston, Texas, USA