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Tequila Liqueurs

Sweet Liqueurs blended with Tequila as an Ingredient

tequila 1921 crema de tequila
reserva del señor almendrado liqueur

1921 Crema con Tequila - 1921 Tequila
Combining the soft flavor of cream with authentic blue agave tequila and a touch of coffee. Its rich scent creates the magic of a perfect combintation. www.tequila1921.com

The Original Tequila Liqueur - El Original Licor de Tequila. A blend of 100% blue agave tequilas and an extract of the Damiana flower make this flavorful liqueur. Now also available in Agavero® Orange, made from 100% blue agave tequila and blended with natural orange flavor and agave nectar.

Aviõn Tequila Espresso Liqueur - Tequila Aviõn is handcrafted using only the finest Blue Weber Agave found in the very highest regions of Jalisco.

Damiana Liqueur
Damiana is a light sweet liqueur made with the
aromatic damiana herb that grows wild in Baja California, Mexico. The Damiana Margarita is very popular in the Los Cabos area of Mexico. Brands include Calida Fornax and Guaycura Liqueur de Damiana.

D'Reyes Licor de Almendras -

Espanta Suegras
A handcrafted blend of aged tequila reposado and ten traditional Mexican herbs. Unique flavor and taste with aromas of mint leaf, green tea and clover honey. Tequila Liqueur - 19.5% Alcohol

agavero orange liqueur
Tequila Avión Espresso-liqueur - 2013 bottle
espanta suegras tequila liqueur
reserva del señor coffee liqueur - licor de cafe
Aviõn Tequila Espresso
Tequila Aviõn

Patrón XO Café- tequila liqueur
calida fornax damiana liqueur - baja california sur
Patrón XO Café

Calida Fornax
Damiana Liqueur

Orendain Almendrado - 30% alcohol by volume, or 60 proof. http://www.tequila-orendain.com/

Patrón XO Café
Produced and blended in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Patrón XO Café originated from a very unique blend of XO Fine tequila and pure natural coffee essence. Patrón XO Café is produced at 70 proof (35% Alc. by volume). Patrón XO Café was conceived to be a coffee tequila more than an overly sweet coffee liqueur.

Reserva Del Senor Almendrado Tequila Liqueur
Produced using a careful distillation process in dedicated stainless steel tanks using a Silver Tequila. Select Natural Almond Flavoring is added during the second distillation thus creating a desirable aroma and flavor profile.

Reserva del Senor® Licor de Café
Smooth tasting and aromatic, this liqueur has the full-bodied flavor of blue agave tequila combined with the robust flavor of coffee. http://www.almendrado.com/products.htm

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Tequila Liqueurs - Sweet Liqueurs blended with Tequila as an Ingredient