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Unique, Ultra-Premium Tequila Sampling Opportunities

International Tasting Group™ is pleased to bring you, TequilaRack™, a handpicked collection of Mexico’s finest, artisan-made 100% Agave Tequila Brands. Through unique, ultra-premium sampling opportunities and an authoritative learning experience, TequilaRack™ will introduce you to Tequila as an elegant, exclusive world of unique tastes and sensations.

International Tasting Group™ searches the world for the finest, ultra-premium wines and spirits and provides exclusive access to them through deluxe tasting experiences and dynamic online communities.

The six Tequila brands included in the initial TequilaRack kick off are: Arette Unique, Don Celso, El Caudillo, El Destilador, Hacienda Mexicana El Llano, and Penacho Azteca.

tequilarack - tequila tasting kit #1
Tequila Tasting Kit #1

Reposado is comprised of three distinctly different Tequila brands from diverse distilleries along with a proper measuring jigger, spirit-specific tasting stemware and an educational brochure / DVD - all the items needed to perform a tasting of these aged sipping tequilas.

Back-Bar Tasting Rack

Designed for bars and restaurants that feature Tasting Flights of Tequila as a menu item. Brands will vary to provide customers the opportunity to taste and report on many brands over time.

Hacienda of Tequila Display Rack

This rack will house all the components of a take-home tasting for individual purchase by the customer. These free-standing racks will be placed where high-end spirits are sold. Each stand-up rack will offer: 1) A variety of 100% Agave Tequila brands for individual sale; 2) Complete Tequila Tasting Kits; and 3) Tasting Support Items: proper stemware, jiggers and DVDs.
tequilarack - tasting display rack
tequilarack - bar tasting kit

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