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Tres Agaves Artisan Tequila Distillery Tours

Here is your shot at becoming a Tequila expert!

Bay Area, CA – Love Tequila? Learn it and Live it! Tres Agaves, producer of award winning, 100-percent agave Tequilas, launches artisan distillery tours now available for public booking.  These four day, three night trips will take guests to some of the most celebrated distilleries in the state of Jalisco, Mexico – the birthplace of Tequila.  Distillery visits may include but are not limited to: El Llano (Tres Agaves’ distillery), Fortaleza, and Casa Noble.

Guests fly into Guadalajara and spend time in the Town of Tequila where they will taste a variety of premium Tequilas produced by some of most venerated distilleries in the region. The tours will provide a truly authentic experience with walks through agave fields, conversations with jimadors (agave farmers) and Master Distillers, visits to family-operated distilleries, traditional regional cuisine - and of course - drinking the finest Tequilas known to man (and woman!).  In sum, guests will taste all that the Valley of Tequila has to offer.

The tours demonstrate Tres Agaves’ passion and commitment to educating consumers about the true craft of Tequila. “We fell in love with Jalisco and the Valley of Tequila many years ago,” says Eric Rubin, Co-founder of Tres Agaves. “Our tours provide a rare glimpse of the amazing people, land, techniques and traditions that come together to produce premium, 100 percent agave Tequila.”
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Tres Agaves - Artisan Tequila Distillery Tours

Tres Agaves - Artisan Tequila Distillery Tours
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